About Siduri Books

Siduri Books, a family-run business based in Wells in Somerset, was founded in 2008.

We believe that high-quality books play a unique role in intellectual life that other media simply don't provide. Books are the only medium in which prolonged and exploratory meditation on a single subject can be written and shared - unfettered by hyperlinks, searchability and the various limitations and distractions imposed by reading on a computer screen. We also value the beauty of books as carefully crafted and lasting artefacts.

Our guiding principles are to provide a fair deal for our contributors and to support emerging and established talent, while at the same time producing excellent books on a range of diverse subjects.

Liz Jones has worked as an editor in the publishing industry for more than ten years. She worked in-house for four different book publishers on a huge range of projects including reference and educational books for children and adults, before becoming freelance in 2008. Founding Siduri Books with Richard was the realisation of a long-held ambition.

Richard Jones is a teacher and writer with a background in music and languages. Most recently, he has co-authored two books on recording and songwriting.

Siduri is a character in the epic of Gilgamesh. She offers the hero advice (which he chooses to ignore in favour of chasing immortality) on how to get the best out of life. It's worth checking out.