Here at Siduri we're excited about the release of The Mechanics of Songwriting: A Guitarist's Guide by Leo Coulter. Bravely eschewing the 'quick-fix' ethos common to most books on the subject, this book reveals the hidden mechanisms that make a great song great.

Practical advice, music theory and an exploration of the conflicts that lie at the heart of writing songs with mass appeal combine to provide a definitive account of the modern songwriter's art. Classic songs are analysed, and successful songwriters - Tim Wheeler (Ash), Eric Bazilian (The Hooters, industry songwriter) and Stephin Merritt (The Magnetic Fields) - are interviewed for their take on themes that arise in the book. The book is beautifully (and humorously) illustrated by Laura Howell. A user-friendly layout and an extensive chord library provide the finishing touches to this fine book. Whatever else you get out of reading it, we guarantee you'll never listen to your favourite songs in the same way again.

Meanwhile, The World and Wikipedia continues to generate interest around the world, and remains relevant. Wikipedia crops up frequently in the news and continues to court controversy, while most of us still take it for granted. We recommend that if you're at all interested in delving a little deeper into how it all works from the point of view of an enthusiastic contributor, you read this fascinating book.

The Mechanics of Songwriting: A Guitarist's Guide

"[A] book I will certainly turn to again and again for help and inspiration." Walking Barefoot

A guitarist aiming to write in the tradition of modern music's great songwriters can do no better than to read The Mechanics of Songwriting, which reveals the inner workings of some of the most successful songs ever recorded. Using straightforward language aimed at musicians of all abilities and backgrounds, the nuts and bolts are laid bare - from chords, progressions and riffs to key, melody and song structure.

The World and Wikipedia

"A meticulous and judicious examination of the way [Wikipedia] is put together. An extraordinary world is unveiled..." London Evening Standard, October 22, 2009

Wikipedia has emerged as the reference source that most of us turn to most of the time. But how much do we know about it? And is it good enough to rule the world of knowledge? This book examines what our dependence on this unprecedented phenomenon means - now and in the future.